Why list with DiraLeads?

  • You're the proud owner of a beautiful property - somewhere in the heart and hub of a bustling heimishe neighborhood
  • You have a well-kept piece of valuable real estate, and your neighbor (who needed to put up his new couple) suggested that you rent it out
  • You have unused, empty space, and it's finally occurred to you that you wouldn't mind putting it to good, profitable use

So you

Tried listing it in the

But the costs mounted quickly, and the results didn't quite mirror the effort and expense invested.

Relied on the classic Jewish methodology of doing business.

I know a someone, who knows a someone... In simpler language, word-of-mouth. But the leads that that method brought in were rather disappointing.

Nearly called the listing agent, in a mad, last-ditch effort.

But your short-term renting plans didn't jive with his long-term monetary goals.

Enter DiraLeads

The only FREE short-term rental marketplace that services exclusively heimishe neighborhoods worldwide. We connect Jewish property owners with their ideal short-term renters in a simple, hassle-free manner.

The DiraLeads Advantage

  • List on your own terms

    You choose the dates of availability, your contact method of choice, and the price of your rental. It's your property, and you get to decide when and how you want to rent it out.

  • List in privacy

    All listings are assigned a virtual email and phone number, and all calls/emails are routed through our sophisticated system. This way, potential renters never get the opportunity to badger or harass you.

  • List with confidence

    Know that we have a proven record with over 350 rentals listed to date, and over 2,197 satisfied DiraLeads fans singing our praises.

List your property on DiraLeads today!

Our simple, hassle-free process

1. Sign up to DiraLeads and create your account

2. List your rental, asking price, and preferred contact method


  • We do the marketing to heimishe renters worldwide
  • We send your rental to our daily email subscribers
  • We deal with all general website inquiries... and YOU get to collect the rent.

The DiraLeads Promise

FREE property
Access to thousands
of clients
Complete control of
your rental throughout

DiraLeads Features

FREE rental listings

No agent or commission fees

Free marketing of your rental to our popular email list

Free web and print advertising of your rental worldwide

Maximum Flexibility

Set your prices

Set your rental’s availability

Set your accessibility to renters

Set your rental terms & conditions

User-friendly site

Receive live, detailed reports of your rental views

Sync to a Jewish calendar for maximum user ease

Revenue optimization feature so you can charge more for popular dates

Security & Privacy

Virtual contact details protect your identity and privacy

Pause options so you can hide/delist your rental at any time

Choose your preferred contact methods and times

Customer Service

Responsive and helpful customer service reps

Agents are fluent in English & Yiddish

Calls and emails answered promptly

Client satisfaction is our top priority!