Why rent through DiraLeads?

You’re looking for a place to stay for just a short while.

Simchah, vacation, family obligations - the reason doesn’t matter. What does matter to you is the location: in a heimishe neighborhood, close enough to a shul, and not too far from a kosher grocery. (Fine kosher dining wouldn’t hurt, either.)


Searched the classifieds...

Called every single number in
your contacts...

Reached out to a real estate
agent in desperation...

And still - you’ve got nothing to show for it.


The date you’ve circled in red looms ever closer, and the available we’ll-swing-it-in-a-pinch options grow ever slimmer.
And you wish there was a way to simplify the search for that elusive yet should-be-easy-to-find short-term rental.

Enter DiraLeads

The only hospitality and short-term marketplace that services exclusively Jewish neighborhoods. We connect heimishe short-term renters with Jewish property owners across the globe.

With a filtering option that lets you choose the details both big and small - from neighborhoods to number of beds, from price range to dates of availability - your short-term getaway planning is now hassle-free.

In less time than it takes to find the smallest suitcase with the biggest capacity, you can browse the neighborhoods we service, input your required dates, and tour the always-current listings of available rentals.

Enjoy your planning as much as your stay!

Become a DiraLeads Renter today

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  • Browse neighborhoods, tour rentals, and dream a little
  • Email or call to book that perfect getaway rental

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